07 Mar 2018,

Forever Giving - An Update

One of our principles here at Two for Joy is that we believe in a more equal society, and so since our first day of trading, we have been giving 15% of the sale price of each item sold thorough our website to charity...

Our chosen charity is the Mayamiko Trust. Rather than simply giving out money, Mayamiko nurtures creative talents and teaches skills, which empowers people to build a better life for themselves and their families, alleviating poverty. 

The donation we made from our first few months of trading is being put to good use and has funded tailor training, childcare provision and the sponsoring of a sewing machine for Ferister. She sent us the below message about herself;

My name is Ferister, I am 21 years old and a single mother.
I decided to train as a tailor so that I could acquire some skills, that I can later turn into a business so that I can one day become financially independent and send my daughter to school.
Through this training my life will change so much because it is giving me hope for a better future for both me and my daughter.
After this training I plan to open up a shop where I would tailor and sell different items. But before that, I plan to work from home, making different items to sell at the near by market so that I can gather enough resources to open the shop.
I would like to sincerely thank my sponsors for allowing me and for believing that everyone deserves a second chance and for giving me hope that I can do this and plan for the future, unlike before.
I will work hard to prove to my child,my relatives, my community that second chances are possible and with hard work and determination. Everything is possible.
Thank You Very Much
Zikomo Kwambiri.

We believe that fashion should be a force for good and so we will continue to support Mayamiko and the amazing work they do. We also have another upcoming charity partnership so stay tuned for updates!

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