Working towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion future.

We work closely with our suppliers; visiting them regularly, aiming to establish mutually beneficial, sustainable, long term relationships.

Though we regularly visit our factories to monitor their practices, we understand that there are challenges in the supply chain.

In garment manufacturing, because of the various steps in the production process from growing through to finishing, it is often difficult to maintain standards, especially where sub-contractors are involved .

We at Two For Joy recognise these challenges and insist that wherever possible our suppliers are open and transparent about the steps in the production. Where suppliers are found falling short of this standard, we ask that they move towards greater transparency over a reasonable timeframe.

We believe that all parties should conduct business to the highest ethical standards achievable with concern for employees and the environment.

Our garments are manufactured in China, and we insist that all local laws are adhered to in terms of working age, wage and hours whether permanent, temporary, migrant or agency workers. Labour should not be forced and all workers are entitled to work in a non-discriminatory, safe and hygienic environment.

Resources and waste must be dealt with in a way that complies with local laws and in a way that avoids harm to the local population.

We are also working to reduce our effect on the environment, preferring to ship our goods by sea rather than air wherever possible.

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